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Sales of PC monitors break records in 2020

Worldwide growth in sales of PC monitors broke new records in 2020, as people bought new models to use at home during the lockdowns.


Analyst firm IDC found that sales rose by 8.3 per cent compared with 2019, the biggest rise ever recorded. The final quarter of the year (October to December) saw a particularly big jump of 16.9 per cent, with 39.2 million monitors sold – the highest numbers since 2011.


IDC also said that shortage in components led manufacturers to beat price rises by building stocks of monitors, meaning there were plenty of models available for sale.


Dell led the way with 19.3 per cent of sales, followed by Chinese company TPV, HP and Lenovo. However, it was Samsung who enjoyed the biggest growth, with sales rising by 30.6 per cent, taking it to a market share of 8.6 per cent.


The analysts predict that gaming and the rise of ‘hybrid’ working – where staff split their work between the home and the office – will help to keep sales of monitors high in 2021.


The rise in monitor sales is part of a huge increase in technology sales generally. In the UK alone, sales of laptops in the final quarter of 2020 rose by 91 per cent, totalling 3.5 million units.


IDC said this rise is a sign that the UK has become a ‘one device per person’ country, rather than just ‘one device per household’.


Currently, our favourite monitor is the 27in GL2780, made by Taiwanese firm BenQ (see page 32), while our top laptop is Lenovo’s Yoga Slim 7 (page 30).

目前,我们最喜欢的显示器是由明基公司生产的27英寸的GL2780(请参阅第32页),而我们最心仪的笔记本电脑是Lenovo的Yoga Slim 7(请参阅第30页)。

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BenQ GL2780

This budget 27in screen offers accurate SRGB colour with good contrast, plus auto brightness and low blue light modes. Speakers are built in. Using TN LCD rather than IPS, it needs to be viewed straight on, but works well for games too.


明基GL2780显示器 △

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What’s the best monitor for Xbox Series X gaming?

对Xbox Series X 游戏来说,最佳显示器是什么?

Q: My sons have an Xbox Series X ( www.snipca.com/37687). Between them they have saved up £400 to buy a monitor that shows off the console in its full glory. What specifications are best? They would prefer a curved model as they play sitting at a desk. —— David Lisle

问:我的儿子们有一台Xbox Series X。他们省下400英镑,打算购买一台可以完全匹配主机游戏的显示器。另外,当他们在桌子前坐下玩游戏时,他们更喜欢曲面的荧幕。最好的选择是什么? -大卫·莱尔

A:Although it may seem like a lot of money, you still need to compromise on some features when you’re looking to spend £400 on a gaming monitor. We think the sensible option would be to prioritise refresh rate over resolution, as this makes the whole gaming experience smoother, even if you lose some detail. Also, 4K monitors aren’t generally as responsive as lowerresolution models.


Our choice would be the BenQ EX3203R ( www.snipca.com/37676, pictured). It’s slightly over your budget at £426, but we think it’s worth the extra. It’s a 32in curved monitor, with QHD resolution (2560×1440 pixels) and a maximum refresh rate of 144MHZ. It uses AMD’S Freesync, which is compatible with the Xbox’s graphics hardware, so it can alter its refresh rate according to the requirements of the game.

我们的选择是明基BenQ的EX3203R。426英镑的价格,稍微超出了您的预算,但我们认为这是值得的。它是一台32英寸的曲面显示器,具有QHD分辨率(2560×1440像素),最大刷新率为144赫兹。它使用与Xbox的图形硬件兼容的AMD Freesync技术,因此可以根据游戏要求更改其刷新率。

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