BenQ W4000I 获EISA 2023-2024家庭影院最佳产品奖

BenQ W4000I 获EISA 2023-2024家庭影院最佳产品奖

BenQ W4000I 专业家庭影院投影仪


BenQ’s expansive projector stable includes many multi-use designs, but the W4000i focuses on full home cinema duties. There’s magnificent clarity and colour from this beamer’s combination of the latest and largest 0.65in 4K DLP panel, a 4LED light source to deliver a claimed 3200 ANSI Lumens brightness, and BenQ’s exclusive CinematicColor technology yielding 100% of the DCI-P3 colour gamut. HDR-PRO technology, with Local Contrast Enhancer, optimises dynamic contrast in HDR10 and HLG playback. And while designed for serious cinephiles, this is still a smart projector, with a Wi-Fi dongle introducing Android TV and all its apps, including Netflix. Versatile setup, fuss-free operation and a quality performance make BenQ’s W4000i a brilliant home theatre solution at the price.

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EISA is the world’s largest independent collaboration of experts in multimedia technologies and offers a unique, global viewpoint of the consumer electronics market. For over 40 years EISA’s Awards have provided the ultimate independent consumer technology buying recommendations.

Who chooses the EISA Awards?

The EISA Awards are chosen annually by Expert Groups representing 58 leading Photography, Home Theatre Video, Home Theatre Audio, Hi-Fi, In-Car and Mobile Electronics magazines and websites from 29 countries. The Expert Groups work independently but collaborate under the umbrella of EISA. Only one magazine or website from each Expert Group may represent each country.

How are products typically nominated for the EISA Awards?

Technical experts from the specialist magazines in each Expert Group produce regular, detailed and objective test reports on Photo, Home Theatre Video, Home Theatre Audio, Hi-Fi, In-Car and Mobile Electronics equipment. Each member magazine or website nominates an initial shortlist of products that reflects their test findings from reviews published in 2023 or potentially even earlier. Incremental voting sessions are hosted (via Zoom), culminating in a final list agreed upon at EISA’s Annual Awards. All nominated products are thoroughly debated, according to EISA’s rules, and all nominations are kept strictly confidential.

What products are eligible for nomination?

All products – with the exception of those awarded for Innovation or Design – must have been available for detailed test evaluation by the magazines in each Expert Group. Products are only considered if they have been available for assessment before 10th July by at least five EISA members in the appropriate Expert Group. Awarded products must also be on sale to the general public in at least 10 countries, no later than 1st October in the year the Award is made. Awarded products sold on a pre-ordered basis must be delivered to the customer within two weeks of ordering, and by 14th October at the latest. (The pre-ordering exception is only applicable to products priced at €5000 or over)

What makes an EISA award-winning product?

Every year, the EISA Awards celebrate those new products that offer a combination of the most advanced technology, the most desirable features, the most functional ergonomics and – of course – the best performance for the money. In essence, EISA highlights the products most likely to be appreciated by consumers seeking versatility, style and performance.

When are the EISA Awards presented?

The EISA Awards are traditionally presented during an official ceremony, attended by all representatives of EISA’s member magazines and websites. Presidents of the winning companies are also officially invited. This year the annual ceremony will take place at the home of Royal Ascot in the UK, on Friday 29th September.

When will EISA magazines/websites report the winning products?

Each member magazine publishes the EISA Awards from its particular Expert Group(s) after the August 15th embargo date. See for more details.


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