【wccftech】BenQ has Announces the Zowie XL2746S 240Hz Monitor

【wccftech】BenQ has Announces the Zowie XL2746S 240Hz Monitor

By Evan Federowicz | 2020-03-29

【wccftech】BenQ has Announces the Zowie XL2746S 240Hz Monitor
【wccftech】BenQ has Announces the Zowie XL2746S 240Hz Monitor
Source: BenQ

The Zowie XL2746S monitor is perfect for an upcoming eSports players with a 240 Hz refresh rate along with a 27-inch monitor. This monitor is fine-tuned to offer the smoothest and responsive experience, and this monitor also features the clearest images to provide you with a competitive edge when compared to other eSports players.

The Zowie XL2746S monitor features a native 240Hz refresh rate, a DyAc+ Technology, an optimized gaming precision, and the biggest feature this monitor has is the shields on each side of the monitor

The Zowie XL2746S monitor features DyAc+ technology, and this technology makes in-game actions, like bullet spraying, noticeably less blurry. This clearer image allows gamers to see the position of crosshair and impact points more clearly, which can help with recoil control. This monitor features a native 240 Hz refresh rate, which allows gamers to catch every detail of the high-action games. While this faster refresh rate is perfect for gamers, but your gaming computer must be able to support the 240 Hz refresh rate, BenQ recommends having either an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 or an AMD Radeon RX 480 or better than these graphics cards. This monitor features a .05 ms response time, and this response time is Grey-to-Grey; this allows for a fantastic gaming experience.

The Shields on either side of the monitor allows for users to be concentrated in games. These shields have an adjustable angle and removable design allowing these shields to adopt various environments according to specific games and environments, and this will enable eSports players to concentrate on the games itself.

The Zowie XL2746S monitor features a color vibrance that gives gamers the ability to tune to the user’s preferred color tone quickly and makes color grading more defined. This monitor features 20 different levels of Color Vibrance settings, and this allows the user to set this setting to your specific preference.

Another fantastic feature that this monitor has is the S-Switch, which is designed for easy access to the monitor’s menu, and this switch also allows you to switch between saved modes and quick change between connected devices. This switch will enable you to save and transfer three profiles with driverless design within the same monitor model.

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