BenQ ScreenBar Halo: A luminary leap in workspace lighting

BenQ ScreenBar Halo: A luminary leap in workspace lighting

BenQ ScreenBar Halo
A luminary leap in workspace lighting

来自:Tech Edt | By Vincent Wee | Image credit: BenQ 新加坡

Step into a world where technology and design collide to produce an enlightened workspace experience. Allow us to introduce you to the BenQ ScreenBar Halo, a product that is not only innovative but also boasts a recognition that sets it apart – the prestigious iF Design Award. This award represents the groundbreaking features and superior design that the ScreenBar Halo brings to your workspace. This unique device is poised to make traditional desk lamps obsolete with its novel approach to illumination.

What makes the ScreenBar Halo different is its seamless integration into your workspace. Its thoughtful design perches elegantly on your computer monitor, taking up minimal space while providing maximum lighting benefits. The glow cast by the ScreenBar Halo is asymmetrical and luminous yet gentle, carefully designed to eliminate the harsh reflections that often accompany computer screens. It’s a revolution that promises to alleviate the strain on your eyes and heighten your productivity.

An eye for design

The ScreenBar Halo is a task light, a statement of elegance, and a function designed to integrate seamlessly with your workspace. The sleek, metallic grey construct is made from a blend of aluminium alloy and PC/ABS, a testament to BenQ’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality. In a novel move away from traditional desk lamps, the ScreenBar Halo features a patented clamp design inspired by the hanging instinct of animals that securely affixes it to your monitor without the need for adhesives or unsightly clips.

Asymmetrical optical design lies at the heart of the ScreenBar Halo’s lighting technology, a feature that makes it stand apart from other lamps. The ergonomic 56° light pattern ensures that the light does not shine directly into the eyes while illuminating the desktop. As research suggests, screen reflection can cause digital eye strain. However, with its precise curvature, the ScreenBar Halo’s inner reflective panel ensures a wide and balanced illuminance without causing any reflective glare on the screen. Indeed, this unique design provides an enlightened solution to the common problem of reflection and glare.

Performance that outshines the rest

The ScreenBar Halo, with its dual colour, flicker-free LED light bar and integrated backlight, offers an ultra-wide lighting coverage of 63cm by 40cm at 500 lux. This unique feature ensures that documents in front of the screen are illuminated, creating a comfortable environment for screen work. Unlike traditional lamps designed for paper reading, with a light source concentrated at the centre of the desk, the ScreenBar Halo balances the light between the screen and surroundings, making your eyes more comfortable.

Additionally, the ScreenBar Halo comes with three distinct light modes. The precise front light, immersive backlight, and front-and-back light can be selected based on your mood and task requirements. The device also features a real-time auto-dimming feature that supplements ambient light to maintain a consistent illumination of 500 lux, ensuring the right amount of light is always provided.

Setting up your Halo

Setting up the ScreenBar Halo is simple and fuss-free. The light bar connects magnetically to a counterweight mechanism, eliminating the need for adhesives or clamps. The patented design fits ideally on any size of the monitor. It is compatible with flat (thickness of 0.7cm – 6cm), ultra-wide, curved (thickness of 1.6 – 3.8cm), and dual monitors, so there are no worries about suitable fitment. To power up, plug the USB cable into a powered USB Type-A port, and you’re all set. With the light switched on, it remembers the brightness and colour temperature settings you last used, instantly welcoming you back to your work.

The Halo has a wireless controller that gives you high control over brightness, colour temperature, light modes, and more. With industrial precision bearings offering a smooth adjustment feeling, and an optical sensor ensuring precision, the controller is as intuitive as it is innovative. The rotating ring allows smooth adjustment of brightness and colour temperature (2700K ~ 6500K). This is a significant upgrade to the BenQ ScreenBar, which only allows control to be managed on the unit itself.

Prioritising your safety

BenQ takes user safety seriously. The ScreenBar Halo uses a high-quality LED light source to protect your eyes. The device adheres to EU IEC/TR 62778 and IEC/EN 62471 blue light standards and has passed the IEEE PAR 1789 standard for LED luminaires, assuring you of the safest and most stable light source.

In addition to safety certifications, the ScreenBar Halo has undergone stringent quality tests. From lamp head rotation tests to clip durability, extreme temperature, light bar drop, and transportation humidity tests, each component of the ScreenBar Halo is made to withstand demanding conditions while performing optimally.

The verdict: BenQ ScreenBar Halo

BenQ’s ScreenBar Halo is not just an innovative lighting solution but also a testament to BenQ’s commitment to quality, design, functionality, and user experience. Whether working from home or in an office, this device elevates your workspace lighting to the next level while keeping eye strain at bay.

If you value aesthetics, function, safety and an enlightened workspace, the BenQ ScreenBar Halo is a worthy addition to your desk. Enjoy an immersive lighting experience to complement your work and leisure, setting the perfect mood for any task. So, why settle for less when you can step into the Halo of light?


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