CES 2023|BenQ announces four new projectors for gamers and movie buffs alike

CES 2023|BenQ announces four new projectors for gamers and movie buffs alike

BenQ announces four new projectors for gamers and movie buffs alike


4K HDR gaming on a giant screen should be fun

Source: BenQ

CES 2023 is upon us, giving us a fleeting glance at the best technology that industry leaders like Samsung will offer in the immediate — and distant — future. This year, we’re also seeing plenty of exciting home theater products worth looking forward to, including some unites from BenQ. The company announced three new cinema projectors at today’s event, sharing the stage with one high-end gamer-centric model.

BenQ HT4550i

BenQ HT2060

The company’s three new models — the HT4550i, HT2060, and GP500 — are ideal upgrades for your dated setup, especially if you’re looking to create the theater experience at home. The HT4550i sports lens shift technology along both vertical and horizontal axes, so you adjust your projector less frequently. It also delivers HDR color accuracy, so you don’t lose details in dark scenes. Brighter scenes, like anything outdoors, will stay clear as day, pun very much intended.

The HT2060 4LED projector is also suitable for casual gamers, as it achieves 98% of BenQ’s Rec.709 CinematicColor performance. It’s a feat the company’s cinema projectors are primarily known for, and this one is no different. This projector also delivers a 100-inch screen size placed just eight feet away from the screen.

Source: BenQ

The BenQ GP500

The GP500 is arguably the best of the lot, offering smart capabilities, 4K HDR projection capabilities, what BenQ calls a “360-degree sound field,” and 90% coverage of the DCI-P3 color gamut. Lest we forget, this impressive hunk of a projector packs most other bells and whistles like automatic 2D keystone correction, object avoidance, autofocus, and 100-inch projection capability from just 7.3 feet away. That’s a relatively short throw for such a large image.

Source: BenQ

The BenQ X3000i

BenQ’s fourth projector unveiling at CES 2023 — the X3000i — is aimed at gamers seeking a step-up from their desktop or generic living room TV. This 4LED model boasts a 4ms response time at 1080p and 240Hz, perfect for anyone looking to pull off frame-perfect moves in Street Fighter VI this summer. However, this high-end projector is also capable of 4K projection with HDR10/HLG at 3,000 ANSI Lumens brightness, catering to gamers who’re all about the details.

If you cannot wait for these projectors, or seek something more simplistic, the market for the best Android projectors is stronger than ever. We’ll have to get our hands on BenQ’s latest models to find out how competitive they really are.


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