BenQ X3000I游戏投影仪获EISA欧洲影音协会2022-2023最佳产品奖

BenQ X3000I游戏投影仪获EISA欧洲影音协会2022-2023最佳产品奖

BenQ X3000I 游戏投影仪


EISA applauds the gaming abilities of BenQ’s cute cube of a projector, which uses a 4LED light source to deliver a claimed 3000 ANSI Lumens of brightness from the latest pixel-shifting DLP 4K resolution chipset. Gamers will appreciate a pre-configured ‘Fast Mode’, with a dedicated remote key, and response times down to almost 4ms at 1080p/240Hz (and 16ms for 4K/60Hz), along with three game modes optimised for different genres. But it’s not just for the button-mashers! The X3000i also delivers bright and smooth movie playback where colour is a particular strength, thanks to BenQ’s exclusive CinematicColor technology delivering 100% of the DCI-P3 colour gamut. A supplied Android TV stick and built-in stereo speakers help make the X3000i a complete entertainment package.

“Having our X3000i gaming projector been recognised for its gaming abilities is a great honour for us”, says Steve Chu, President of BenQ Europe. “Not only the X3000i is a very versatile projector for gamers, but it also encompasses BenQ’s strives to create innovative products for its users and provide them with high-quality devices”, continues Mr Chu. “For us, this is the seventh time this reputable association honours BenQ projectors among the top quality in their categories. It shows us we’re walking on the right path for our customers”, concludes the president of BenQ Europe.

Gaming scenes are delivered with 100% DCI-P3 wide colour gamut coverage powered by BenQ’s exclusive CinematicColor™ technology. This is paired with the enveloping treVolo sound system and input lag as low as 4ms, allowing gamers to traverse to open-world games imbued with live realism.

For a truly immersive gaming experience, the X3000i draws gamers deeply into the plot of the game with authentic colours balanced with true 4K UHD, high 3000 ANSI Lumens visual brightness, crisp 500,000:1 super high contrast with Dynamic Black algorithms, 3D readiness, and projector-optimised HDR with HDR10 / HLG support ensuring futureproof visual performance, while the 4LED light source with auto colour calibration guarantees years of gaming enjoyment. Furthermore, all of this is combined with the lag-free control that comes from the 4ms response time at a 240Hz frame rate.

Adding to the visuals with audio enhancement, the X3000i fully envelopes players in two powerful 5W stereo speakers that are tuned by BenQ’s treVolo audio team and enhanced by Bongiovi DSP (Digital Signal Processor) with Dynamic Stereo Enhancement, offering aural details with more surrounded, three-dimensional game sounds. Audio can be output to an external sound system via HDMI eARC for the ultimate cinematic experience.

The realness of all interactions can be further discovered through role-playing, first-person shooter, and sports games as the X3000i is equipped with specially-designed preset game modes. The depth, clarity, definition, and presence of the surrounding deep bass background music, approaching footsteps and clear vocals are emphasised respectively, revealing the true colours the games originally intended to display. These carefully calibrated settings are also applicable in projector models such as the TK700STi and TK700, complementing a full projector line-up that’s dedicated to gaming.

Styled in dynamic design to complement any game room and setup flexibility of 1.3x zoom, 2D keystone, and advanced AV connectivity, the X3000i’s 4LED light source provides over 30,000 hours or 10+ years of vibrant colours and gorgeous gaming quality without the need for a lamp replacement. Console gamers who play for hours on end can carefully explore their adventures and show the world who they aspire to be with ease.

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