SW321C|BenQ’s Photography Monitors are Amazing

SW321C|BenQ’s Photography Monitors are Amazing

BenQ’s Photography Monitors
are Amazing

来源:YouTube|作者:Hudson Henry Photography(美)

#BenQ SW321C#

Whether you edit photos or video, you spend a lot of time in front of your display. A high quality monitor is important for doing high quality work. I am so impressed with my new monitor from BenQ. In this video, I’ll show you why I chose it, what I love about it and why you might consider getting one like it too. ▼


00:00|Intro to ATS 198
00:47|Join our next free Office Hours and submit a question
01:43|Why are quality monitors so important?
03:05|Why did I get a new monitor?
04:00|Yes, I’m moving to a 4k monitor
04:40|My dual monitor arm setup
05:06|These BenQ displays come with really nice accessories
05:37|It has a really sweet hood
07:11|They make several sizes and versions of this monitor
07:42|It has fabulous connectivity options
09:48|Setting it up and first turning it on, the quality blew me away
10:32|Color and dynamic range and uniformity are very impressive
11:20|This monitor gives me a better window into my photos’ quality
12:28|The included desktop puck controller is cooler than you’d think
14:42|Custom calibrating this monitor is a breeze
15:15|Why calibrating at a lower luminance (I use 80) is important
16:27|Calibration demonstration
20:36|@BenQ North America Paper Sync soft-proofing app for printing is included
22:49|Why soft-proofing is important
23:21|A bit more about my dual monitor mount arms
23:45|My second monitor on the left and why it is vertical
25:48|BenQ Photographer monitor options and prices
27:00|A summary of why I absolutely love this monitor


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