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The Gurgaon, India branch of international confectioner Perfetti Van Melle wanted to transform their work space into a smart office with innovative technologies that would boost efficiency and enhance communications both within the office and with external partners.

国际糖果制造商Perfetti Van Melle(不凡帝范梅勒)在印度古尔冈的分支机构希望通过创新技术将其工作空间转变为智能办公室,从而提高工作效率,并增强办公室内部以及与外部合作伙伴之间的沟通。

Perfetti Van Melle worked with BenQ, who were able to offer a complete selection of large-format displays that satisfied the many requirements of a smart office. By combining 4K fidelity with cable-free connectivity and easy video networking, BenQ was able to offer convenience that competitors couldn’t match.Both management and workers have been extremely pleased with the smart office transformation. The new displays have reduced the need to travel, and also allowed workers to maintain social distancing. Furthermore, the displays allow visitors to see images of Perfetti Van Melle’s confections in stunning ultra HD quality and lifelike color.

在合作中,明基BenQ为Perfetti Van Melle 提供了多种型号大尺寸智能互动显示屏,充分满足了智能办公室的应用需求。上到公司管理层,下到基层工作人员,都对智能办公室的改造感到非常满意。BenQ全新智能显示设备减少了出差的需要,也使工作人员保持与社会的距离(在疫情十分严峻的形势下)。另外,这些显示设备还让参观者能够以令人惊艳的超高清画质与逼真色彩观看Perfetti Van Melle多姿多彩的糖果影像。 观看视频 ▼

Challenge | 挑战

Perfetti Van Melle has operated in India for over two decades, offering a wide variety of confections that include famous products such as Mentos and Chupa Chups. Over the last 26 years of operation in India, Perfetti Van Melle has continued to grow both locally and abroad, with sales surpassing €2.5 billion in recent years.

Perfetti Van Melle 在印度市场经营了二十多年,提供各种各样的甜点,其中包括 Mentos和Chupa Chups等著名产品。在印度运营的最近26年中,Perfetti Van Melle在本地和国外均持续增长,近年来销售额超过25亿欧元。

With growth, however, also come growing pains. In light of this, the Gurgaon branch of Perfetti Van Melle began looking into ways that they could enhance their office space in order to maintain a first-rate working environment. Management wanted to find ways to beautify the workspace, improve communication, reduce travel expenditures, and boost efficiency. The most sensible solution to tackle these issues was to transition to a smart office arrangement. But where would the Perfetti Van Melle Gurgaon office staff find the expertise necessary to make such a drastic shift?

然而,伴随业绩快速提升,成长的烦恼也接踵而至。有鉴于此,Perfetti Van Melle的古尔冈分公司开始研究如何改善办公空间以保持一流工作环境的方法。管理层希望找到美化空间、改善沟通、减少差旅支出并提高营运效率的方法。而解决这些问题最明智的做法莫过于导入智能化办公室解决方案。

Solution | 解决方案

While many companies sell equipment that can facilitate a high-tech office, finding one that will work together with a business to design a smart environment is a greater challenge. After consulting with many vendors, Perfetti Van Melle found that BenQ would not only offer all the required equipment, but also jointly work to develop a proof of concept before beginning renovation. BenQ’s eagerness to work with Perfetti Van Melle from start to finish was a major boon.

尽管许多公司出售可以为高科技办公室带来便利的设备,但要找到能够与企业合作设计智能环境的供应商并不容易。在咨询了许多供应商之后,Perfetti Van Melle 发现明基BenQ不仅可以提供所有必需的设备,而且还致力于在开始升级改造之前共同论证概念设计。明基渴望从源头开始与Perfetti Van Melle展开合作是一个很大的福音。

Equally important was the quality and breadth of BenQ’s technology. In the past, Perfetti Van Melle had trouble holding meetings of more than 10 to 15 people. BenQ’s large-format displays helped Perfetti Van Melle overcome this limitation in two ways. With the help of BenQ Corporate Displays and Interactive Displays, meeting attendees are able to sit further away from the screen yet still see meeting content clearly, which allows more people to comfortably participate. Yet equally important are the video conferencing features built in to BenQ displays. BenQ’s exclusive InstaShare software, which is compatible not only with BenQ displays but also with smartphones and laptops, allows employees to participate in meetings from anywhere, whether in the office, on a business trip, or even abroad. InstaShare also makes it possible to mirror content on a screen, allowing participants to conveniently share any information they’ve found or content they’ve developed, as well as notes they’ve written with BenQ’s EZWrite software. These features have made meetings both easier to schedule and more communicative, boosting efficiency and productivity.

同样重要的,还有明基BenQ技术的品质与广度。过去,Perfetti Van Melle 难以召开超过10至15人的会议。而明基的大尺寸显示器以两种方式帮助Perfetti Van Melle克服了这一限制。在明基BenQ大尺寸商显屏与智能互动平板的帮助下,与会人员哪怕坐在远离屏幕的位置,仍然可以清晰看到会议内容,这让更多人得以舒适地参加会议。除此以外,BenQ智能显示设备内置视频会议功能。其独有的InstaShare软件不仅与BenQ显示设备兼容,而且与智能手机、笔记本电脑兼容,使员工可以在办公室内、出差的途中,甚至在国外任何地方参与会议。InstaShare还可在屏幕上镜像内容,使参与者可以快捷共享任何信息或者他们开发的内容,同时也可使用明基EZWrite软件编写注释。这些功能使得会议既易于安排,又便于交流,从而提高了工作效率和生产率。

Finally, BenQ’s products have also made an impact on Perfetti Van Melle’s branding. Now when visitors step into the office, they’re greeted by images and videos of Perfetti Van Melle products on stunning 4K displays. Showcasing these tantalizing treats in true color with impeccable clarity strengthens Perfetti Van Melle’s brand image by reinforcing the quality of their products, enlivening the office atmosphere and brightening the mood of employees and visitors alike.

最后,明基产品也给 Perfetti Van Melle的品牌业务带来巨大影响。现在,当访客走进办公室时,他们会在令人惊叹的4K显示屏上看到Perfetti Van Melle产品的图像与视频。那些诱人的零食得以展现出逼真的色彩和无可挑剔的清晰度,既有助于营造办公室氛围,又能改善员工和访客们的情绪,为Perfetti Van Melle的品牌形象大大加分。

Result | 改造结果

Positive vibes took hold of the office as soon as the smart renovation was complete and have continued to grow since. With the new BenQ smart office technology, managers and other staff at Perfetti Van Melle have been able to increase communication quality with confection factories and other branches in India, while at the same time reducing travel time and associated costs. BenQ’s technology has left such a strong impression that senior staff at the Gurgaon branch are already recommending BenQ large-format displays and voice conferencing technology to other Perfetti Van Melle branches, both in India and abroad. With the help of BenQ’s tech expertise, Perfetti Van Melle’s confectionery business is now sweeter than ever.

完成智能化改造后,办公室始终洋溢着积极的氛围。透过全新的BenQ智能办公技术,Perfetti Van Melle的经理和员工们已经能够提高与糖果厂以及印度其他分支机构的沟通质量,同时减少差旅时间和相关成本。BenQ的技术与设备给人留下了深刻印象,以至于古尔冈分公司的高级员工已经向印度和国外其他Perfetti Van Melle分公司推荐BenQ大尺寸显示设备和语音会议技术。借助明基的技术专长,Perfetti Van Melle的糖果业务,现在比以往任何时候都更加甜蜜。

Year of Completion2020

BenQ Solution Used

BenQ RP860K 4K UHD 86” Interactive Display
BenQ ST750K 4K 75” Digital Signage
BenQ ST650K 4K 65” Digital Signage
BenQ PL552K 55” Video Wall


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